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Unit 3: Triads

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This lesson series on Triads consists of a PDF that contains:

  • 38 pages divided into 8 lessons
  • 253 fretboard diagrams
  • 21 music notation examples
  • 27 demonstration video links.

All triad types are covered: Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented & Suspended.

All close position voicings are covered: Root Position, 1st Inversion & 2nd Inversion.

All positions - that's 4 different positions on the neck for all the above - are covered in every key.

After working through this lesson series there will be no mystery to triads!

If you were taking one-on-one lessons from me and we covered the material in this lesson series it would cost you around $250.00 – assuming 3 months to get through the material; most people take longer.

To get the most out of this course you need to have gone through the following FREE lesson series:

5-Lesson Foundational Series

Major Scales

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A PDF Containing

32 pages divided into 7 lessons
217 fretboard diagrams
18 music notation examples
24 demonstration video links
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Unit 3: Triads

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