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Unit 4: 7th Chords

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7th Chords occur in all styles of music. All forms of Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz - any style you want to play, knowledge of 7th chords is necessary. The more you know about 7th chords, the better off you'll be!

This lesson series on 7th Chords consists of a PDF that contains:

  • 31 pages divided into 11 lessons
  • 93 fretboard diagrams
  • 17 music notation examples
  • 20 demonstration video links with 100's of embedded dynamic fretboard diagrams

The content in this lesson series covers:

  • 5 types of 7th chords: Major, Dominant, Minor, Half-Diminished & Full-  Diminished
  • Major and Minor 6th Chords including 6th inversions
  • Dominant and Minor Suspensions
  • All positions - that's 3 different positions on the neck for all the above - are covered in every key

If you were taking one-on-one lessons from me and we covered the material in this lesson series it would cost you around $250.00 – assuming 3 months to get through the material; most people take longer.

To get the most out of this course you need to have gone through the following lesson series:

5-Lesson Foundational Series - Free!

Major Scales - Free!

Unit 3: Triads

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Unit 4: 7th Chords

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